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Brewer St

Brewer St

Created by our Grill Master, Dante, our Brewer St local is an Honest fried chicken burger with American cheese, buffalo sauce, WilderBee Hot Honey, brown butter mustard mayo, lettuce and pickles

Gluten-free option available

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Only in Brewer St – Soho

This burger is only available at our restaurant in Brewer St – Soho.

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Dante's Inferno

...we're only kidding, it's not that spicy. But it is a damn good burger. People who say a buffalo fried chicken burger can't be beaten need to try this.

Hot honey gives sweetness and an extra kick of heat, while the brown butter mayo cools with nutty richness. WilderBee hot honey is our favourite brand and it's made right here in London. Wilderbee’s range of delicious hot honeys liven up everything from burgers to pizza and pasta.

Our signature homemade buffalo sauce is a blend of cayenne hot sauce with butter, sriracha and a touch of honey.

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Product contains: Cereals - Wheat, Eggs, Garlic, Milk, Mustard, Onion, Soybeans

During preparation, this product may have come into contact with Eggs, Garlic, Milk, Onion
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