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We’re still open

November 9, 2020

We’re once again closing our doors for eat in at all our restaurants. Hopefully this time it’ll be shorter, and we’ll be back serving you burgers on plates in no time. But for the next month, these are the ways you can still get your burger fix.If you’re out of the house and know when you’ll be passing an Honest try Click and Collect and we’ll have your burgers ready. If you’re not sure on timings, we’re still offering contactless takeaway, so you can order when you arrive.

If you’re at home, you can get an Honest at Home kit delivered, and have a go at being an Honest chef, or Deliveroo and Uber eats can bring you some burgers made by the chefs.

We hope it won’t be too long before we see you again!
Stay safe and eat well –

Tom, Phil and the Honest Family

Last updated: November 12, 2020

New Special: Halloumi

June 1, 2021: Our much loved Halloumi special is back for another year, with some of the best halloumi we could find from Briddlesford Farm.

We are open for eat in

May 17, 2021: After a few sunny/wet/gusty (but resilient) weeks of burgers on plates outside, we’re chuffed to finally welcome you inside our restaurants again. Same as always there are no airs or graces, just good people and great food.

Barcelona beef burger with crips, cheese and garlic mayo

May special: Barcelona

May 4, 2021: Our brand new special is a collab with Brindisa, it combines classic tapas flavours with the crunch of the British crisp sandwich.

Eat out to help out - honest burgers

We're open

April 12, 2021: We’re excited to see you in person again. From day one we wanted Honest to be a pull-up-a-chair local, with good people and good food. It’s felt like the longest time since we could serve you burgers on plates, and we're happy to be back. 

Spring Beef burger with cheddar cheese, wild garlic and bacon

April Special: Spring 2.0

March 30, 2021: Spring 2.0 is an ode to spring, as well as the West Country, which gives us so much great produce throughout the year.

Beef burger with La Latteria smoked mozzarella, Crown & Queue 'Devil's Mortar' nduja, The Gay Farmer pesto

Support Our Suppliers

March 2, 2021: This brand new special is a collaboration with three small food businesses: The Gay Farmer, La Latteria, and Crown & Queue – each one a master of its craft. These are the people behind the relationships that make hospitality such a wonderful industry to work in. This burger is our homage to them. 

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