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The Honest Cup

If there’s one thing we probably all need right now, it’s a good drink.

So here, Phil runs through how to make our original cocktail: the Honest Cup.

(Spoiler: it’s still great after all these years.)

Photo credit: @Bryntaylor99

  1. Make a lemon syrup – combine water and sugar, and dissolve over low heat. Once dissolved, add lemon juice and let cool.

  2. Peel off all the dark green cucumber skin (it will be lumpy if you miss any), then slice into chunks.

  3. Blend cucumber and 280ml of lemon syrup to a fine puree.

  4. For one serving mix 50ml puree, 50ml apple juice and 50ml gin in a shaker with ice (try not to get it stuck!)

  5. Pour in a glass, pat yourself on the back and enjoy.

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