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Smashed by Honest

Smashed by Honest Smashed by Honest

August 16, 2022

Smashed by Honest is here…

Lighter burgers from £9.5 incl. a side.
Perfect for lunch. Available everywhere now.

At Honest we’ve always been fans of simplicity. And with our new SMASHED by Honest burgers we’re living up to that. A NEW burger in the most simple of forms. Meat, bread and cheese. Brought to life on raging hot grills with a toasted bun.

Smashed burgers have been on a meteoric rise of late, and it’s something we’ve been playing around with for a while. It’s taken us three years to get it right, but we’re finally ready. It might seem simple but we’ve tried every possible iteration we can think of to make this the perfect Honest smashed burger: We’ve tried new buns, new beef cuts, new butchery techniques, new sauces – multiple versions of new sauces, homemade mayos, fermenting our own ketchup… It’s been a labour of love. American cheese was the easy bit!

It starts with a 100g ball of Honest beef straight from our butchery, quickly smashed on a hot grill for a delicious sear that keeps the juices locked in. We add American cheese (no debate here), white onion and pickles. Then top it with homemade mustard mayo made extra rich with sweet and nutty brown butter.

It’s lighter than one of our classic beef burgers, making it perfect for lunch and only £9.5 incl a side, but you can also double it up and add bacon (a personal favourite) for a blow-out.

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Last updated: July 8, 2024

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