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Smashed single burger at Honest Burgers

Smashed by Honest

The perfect lunch meal. Our SMASHED burger is a smashed beef patty, American cheese, brown butter mustard mayo, white onion and pickles.

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Just Being Honest

It’s been 11 years now and we like to think we’ve gotten pretty good at burgers and chips. We’re all about top quality beef, the best potatoes and good times. Don’t just take our word for it though, we’ll let our food and people do the talking. After all, we’re Just Being Honest…

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Best of British

We knew that with great British produce, we could make the best burgers we’d tasted – anywhere. We use British cheese, British veg and British relish. We’re homegrown and homemade – we always have been and we always will be.


It starts with a special blend of Honest beef, quickly pressed flat into a searing hot grill before the fat can escape. Maximising surface area with the grill, the beef cooks quickly with a heavy brown crust (just like a good steak) that keeps the juices in and is packed with flavour.

Salt and pepper is all that's required and added only once the beef hits the grill. A quick flip and the patty is ready to go...


Our standard 100g SMASHED burger is great for on the go. But sometimes you need something doubly satisfying. 2 x smashed patties with added bacon is just that burger.

So juicy and indulgent, the sweet and nutty brown butter mayo melds with the beef and umami-rich bacon for a bite that's greater than the sum of its parts. Honestly, this might be our favourite burger of all time.

Smashed double burger honest burgers

Double Smashed by Honest

2x Smashed beef patties, 2x American cheese, brown butter mustard mayo, white onion, pickles

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smashed burger with bacon and cheese

Smashed by Honest with bacon

Smashed beef patty, bacon, American cheese, brown butter mustard mayo, white onion, pickles

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Chilli beef burger
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Honest beef, bacon, cheddar, Honest hot sauce, smoky shoestring fries, lettuce and pickled jalapenos

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Product contains: Cereals - Wheat, Eggs, Garlic, Milk, Mustard, Onion, Soybeans

During preparation, this product may have come into contact with Eggs, Milk, Mustard
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