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Vegan burgers with beyond meat Vegan burgers with beyond meat

January 9, 2024

Our friends over at Beyond Meat are helping us serve up an extra vegan burger this month – the Bacon Plant.  

Beyond Meat use a combination of pea and rice to provide a complete protein, which looks and cooks like beef and has the juicy deliciousness of a traditional burger. 

Our Plant burger gets a lot of love, so we’ve taken it up a notch with this month’s vegan special. The Bacon Plant burger combines the Beyond Meat patty with plant-based bacon from our friends at La Vie, Applewood Vegan cheese, Tubby Tom’s Bacon Dust shoestring fries, Chipotle ‘mayo’, rocket and pickles. 

Another of our favourites is the Vegan Teriyaki burger. This one is in collaboration with Fable Foods and features their Fable pulled shiitake mushrooms, which sit on top of a Beyond Meat patty. We also add teriyaki sauce, Applewood Vegan cheese, grilled peppers, spring onions, umami mayo and lettuce. 

Finally, our resident vegan, Joe, is obsessed with our Fritter burger (available as either a vegetarian or vegan burger) – it’s a homemade southern fried fritter topped with Applewood Vegan cheese, Chipotle ‘mayo’, coleslaw, onion and pickles. 

So come on down and get your burger hit – plant-based or beef, we’re here for you. 

Last updated: May 20, 2024

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