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New special: Buffalo blue

Beef burger with blacksticks Blue cheese, buffalo sauce and ranch mayo Beef burger with blacksticks Blue cheese, buffalo sauce and ranch mayo

September 6, 2021

No it’s not a typo – this is our second collab with Wingmans this year…

Wingmans was born out of a love for buffalo wings: fried chicken wings tossed in bright orange cayenne hot sauce with blue cheese dip. Co-founder David got a taste for them when he spent a year studying in the States, returning with “a fiendish appetite for chicken wings, and buffalo sauce generally.” Reunited in London with his school friend Ben, a classically trained chef looking for a change, they decided to get into street food. In 2016 they entered their Buffalo Wings into London Wing Fest, landing the top prize. In 2017 and 2018 they returned To win Best Buffalo Wing again and again, before taking the Judge’s Choice prize in 2019.

In their east London prep kitchen, Wingmans do things the hard way, making award-winning sauces from scratch. For the buffalo sauce, Wingmans cook down fermented cayenne pepper mash with butter, sugar and vinegar for an authentic flavour that’s livelier than anything you can get at the supermarket. We found buffalo sauce is a great match for our beef, and have put a British spin on things by using Blacksticks Blue, a British farmhouse blue cheese made by fourth-generation family cheesemakers in Preston, Lancashire.


Buffalo Blue – Collab with Wingmans: Honest beef, bacon, Wingmans buffalo sauce, Blacksticks Blue cheese, shoestring fries, ranch mayo, lettuce and pickles with homemade rosemary salted chips

Available at all Honest Burgers until Mon 04 Oct

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