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Collaboration with Cambridge Cheese Co

A beef burger with smoked Cheddar Gorge cheese, smoked bacon, apple & onion chutney, pickles, mixed leaves.

Gluten-friendly option available

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Cambridge Cheese Co.

We get the Smoked Cheddar Gorge cheese for our special from Cambridge Cheese Co., a local cheesemonger and delicatessen specialising in artisan and farmhouse products from Britain and Europe.

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Only in Cambridge

This burger is only available at our restaurant in Cambridge.

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The story

It's easy to fall in love with The Cambridge Cheese Company. They've got a lovely, well-stocked shop on All Saints Passage and know bags about Great British cheeses (plus the odd French one).

They picked out an amazing cheddar for us, the only one that's still actually made in Cheddar, Somerset. It's made by hand the old fashioned way and melts beautifully.

They make the apple and onion chutney from scratch and it's the perfect accompaniment.



Beef, bacon, smoked cheddar & cheese curds, shoestring fries, cider and bacon gravy, onion, pickles

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Cheese and bacon burger
The classic


Beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce and pickles with rosemary salted chips

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This product contains
Dairy, Gluten / wheat (Gluten-friendly option available), Meat, Mustard, Onion, Soy beans, Sulphur dioxide

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