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November 14, 2023

Joe is our Brand Growth Executive on the marketing team, read on to find out Joe’s favourite vegan eats.

How long have you worked at Honest? 

I have worked at Honest for 4 years, I first started as a shift manager at Chiswick. I then progressed to GM after 2 years and now work in central support on the Marketing team as Brand Growth Executive. I look after the bookings across the company as well as manage all printing needs of the restaurants including menus, A-boards and various other restaurant collateral.   

How long have you been vegan? 

I have been vegan for 4 years, around 8 weeks after joining Honest – however not related! I decided to go vegan because of personal reasons, Honest Burgers opened my eyes to the fantastic options that are out there.  

What’s your favourite vegan burger at Honest? 

The Fritter is my favourite burger, it’s made of fresh produce – I prefer this to the meat substitute options. The Fritter burger embodies ‘plant-based’ more than vegan as it is made from plants. The spice mix and texture of the fritter with the courgette and sweetcorn feels cleaner than other meat alternatives. 

What do you order at Honest with your burger?

Chips. Every time. Everything about the chips is great, seasonal potatoes, the oil they are fried in, rosemary salt and fresh lemon – you can’t really fault any part of them. Depending on the potato they are cooked slightly differently due to the needs of the potato, we sometimes change how they are cooked every day. I don’t usually like onion rings, however Honest’s onion rings are not only vegan, there’s more going on with them, there’s something like 9 spices in the batter so I do tend to order those. The vegan chipotle mayo and the hot sauce is the perfect smokey accompaniment, they go well together – ones slightly hot and the other a fire extinguisher.  

When you’re not ordering burgers, what’s your go-to takeaway? 

Wagamama – can’t do any other burger restaurants, they don’t compare to the Honest vegan options, the burgers are usually disappointing and chips are naff. Wagamamas use real ‘identifiable’ veg on their vegan menu and again not the meat substitutes, I usually go for the yaki soba or Ramen. 

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