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Rosemary from Cuttings

Can’t get your hands on any rosemary seeds? Watch our back of house operations head Mikey show you how to grow your own fresh rosemary from cuttings at home.

  1. Cut the stem of the rosemary at an angle.

  2. Remove some of the lower leaves of the rosemary from the cutting.

  3. Using your nail, lightly score the skin of the stem – this is where the roots will grow from.

  4. Put the rosemary stem into the glass of water.

  5. Find a bright windowsill to leave the rosemary on.

  6. Leave in the water until you can see roots developing from the stem.

  7. After about one week, you should see roots appearing. Leave for another approximately two weeks and when the roots are strong enough, transfer to a pot with soil.

Bermondsey Spritz

A spritz is a fantastic refreshing drink for the summer and this is the best one we’ve tried.

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