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January special burgers - beef and vegan January special burgers - beef and vegan

January 2, 2024

We LOVE bacon here at Honest… and we’re not alone. The average Brit consumes over 2 kilograms of bacon per year and there’s even an app that can wake you up with the sound of sizzling bacon. 

Anyway, back to the burgers. We’ve got two specials available until 05 February, and you guessed it… we’re celebrating bacon. 

For our beef burger, we’ve partnered up with our friends at The Jolly Hog to showcase their double smoked, black treacle cured bacon.  The bacon slices bathe in beautifully bittersweet black treacle for a few days, giving it a unique sweet and salty flavour that takes this burger to new bacon heights. There’s also American cheese, shoestring fries, chipotle mayo, lettuce and pickles.

You may also remember Tubby Tom’s from a special last year; he’s created a maple bacon dust, which tastes like Frazzles if you remember these moreish crisps, and it’s vegan friendly. We’ve sprinkled our shoestring fries with this magical dust for even more bacon flavour. 

If you’re vegan, we’re not leaving you out – our Bacon Plant is making a return and it’s been upgraded to include the bacon dusted shoestring fries. It also features a Beyond Meat plant patty, La Vie plant-based bacon, Applewood vegan cheese, vegan chipotle mayo, rocket and pickles. 

Last updated: January 9, 2024

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