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Beef burger with bacon, fondue and onion


In collab with Mons Cheesemongers: Honest beef, five-cheese fondue, crispy pancetta, white wine onions, rocket and pickles with homemade rosemary salted chips

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All burgers come with rosemary salted chips

Burgers served medium (pink) unless otherwise requested.

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The story

Fondue is the Swiss mountain food - made with loads of hot melted cheese and served in a communal pot to dip bread in.

We make fondue from scratch in our prep kitchen using five carefully selected Alpine cheeses, a bit of garlic and some white wine.

We're collaborating with Mons Cheesemonger, a second generation family-run French and Swiss cheesemonger in London. They've picked out five classic fondue cheeses designed to give us the authentic flavour, melty-ness and long stringy pulls: Comté, Beaufort, Vacherin Fribourgeois, Abondance and Emmental.

Vegan burger with chips
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Plant-based burger, vegan smoked Gouda, Rubies Chipotle ‘Mayo’, mustard, red onion, pickles, lettuce with homemade rosemary salted chips

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