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Gift Cards and Experiences Terms & Conditions

Credit on gift cards are redeemable straight away, no further action is required. Honest Burgers gift cards can only be redeemed in Honest Burgers restaurants.

We recommend you register gift cards online with your details. In doing so, if lost, stolen, or damaged we may be able to find it on our system and send a replacement e-gift card.

Register here

Please protect this card and treat it as cash, Honest Burgers cannot take responsibility for losses, damages or stolen gift cards.

Gift cards can be redeemed in full or used as part payment at Honest Burgers on drinks and food. If you have ordered an experience voucher, the value the card is worth will be noted on your digital voucher and receipt. If you are using a gift card to pay for your meal, you will need to pay the difference if the bill isn’t fully covered by the already pre-loaded amount.

Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. No change or refund will be given but remaining balances will stay on the card for future redemption until expiry. Gift card balances can be checked online here.

If we believe a gift card is fraudulent, we reserve the right to cancel the purchase and remove credit.

We reserve the right to amend gift card terms and conditions from time to time when considered necessary.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].