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Vegan Tribute

Vegan Tribute

Plant burger with Applewood Vegan cheese, burger sauce, mustard, red onion, pickles, lettuce and rosemary salted chips or seasonal coleslaw or dressed green salad.

+ V BACON £1


Gluten-free option available

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Just Being Honest

It’s been 11 years now and we like to think we’ve gotten pretty good at burgers and chips. We’re all about top quality beef, the best potatoes and good times. Don’t just take our word for it though, we’ll let our food and people do the talking. After all, we’re Just Being Honest…

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Each of our restaurants have their own local burgers, using local ingredients, in collaboration with local businesses or Head Chef creations.


Only at Warren St

Beef, bulgogi BBQ bacon, American cheese, gochujang burger sauce, kimchi, black sesame, lettuce, rosemary salted chips

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Introducing Fable Food Co, the mushroom foraging fanatics behind a brand new shiitake mushroom-based meat alternative that tastes delicious and cooks like stir-fried steak. Try it on our Teriyaki Burger and our pulled shiitake mushroom fritters.

Fable’s mission is to make food more healthy and sustainable, by making delicious meaty food from mushrooms. Leveraging the nutritious benefits and umami flavours of mushrooms that help make meat so appealing, Fable’s products are minimally processed and made with all natural plant-based ingredients.

Vegan Honest

Vegan Honest

Plant burger, Applewood Vegan cheese, red onion relish, pickles, lettuce and rosemary salted chips or seasonal coleslaw or dressed green salad
+ V BACON £1

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beef burger with bacon and Cheshire cheese

Leicester Square

Honest beef, bacon, Appleby's Cheshire cheese, tomato chutney, white wine onions and rocket

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Mushroom Fritters with spring onion and umami mayo

Mushroom Fritters

Spring onions and umami mayo

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