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January 5, 2021

This January, our new special is in collaboration with British singer-songwriter and cook Denai Moore (aka Dee’s Table) and is available until 01 February.

Dee was born in Jamaica but grew up in east London. As a vegan, her food is 100% plant-based and inspired by Jamaican cooking like jerk vegan ribs and jackfruit stuffed dumplings. We’re using Dee’s apricot & scotch bonnet ketchup in our January special, as well as plantain fritters and a Jamaican curry ‘mayo’. We also have a version with beef and bacon for those not taking part in Veganuary.

Dee says:

“I’ve always loved the collaborative and innovative nature of Honest Burgers, it’s the part of the food scene that feels the most exciting to me. I wanted to create a burger that felt true to Dee’s Table’s roots of using authentic Jamaican flavours in a new way. My apricot & scotch bonnet ketchup is zingy, sweet and earthy from the ginger and it’s spicy. The flavours and textures of the plantain fritters with the smoky vegan bacon and Jamaican curry mayo is quite unique. This represents Dee’s Table in a burger to me. The flavours are bold but familiar and comforting too. I can’t wait to get this launched, and to start production of the ketchup for retail as well – it’s an exciting start to the year for me!’

Last updated: January 7, 2021

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