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Steak Frites special

Beef burger with boursin cheese and bacon Beef burger with boursin cheese and bacon

August 4, 2020

For this special, Steak Frites, we’ve taken the classic French brasserie dish and do what we do best – put it in a burger.

The genius of steak frites is its simplicity. But the meat and potatoes must be top quality. At our Honest butchery, the beef is chopped, not minced, for a more natural texture that eats like a steak.

Our guilty pleasure, Boursin® cheese, ups the decadence with a creamy, garlicky hit, while homemade steak sauce (béarnaise cut with Dijon, thyme, parsley and chives) is fresh and sharp enough to cut through all the meaty richness.

To celebrate the launch of our Steak Frites collaboration, we’re giving three of you the chance to win a Burger Party for you and three mates at any Honest Burgers restaurant.

Honest beef, smoked bacon, Boursin® cheese, shoestring fries, steak sauce, red onion and pickles with homemade rosemary salted chips

Last updated: August 11, 2020

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