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Beef burger with La Latteria smoked mozzarella, Crown & Queue 'Devil's Mortar' nduja, The Gay Farmer pesto Beef burger with La Latteria smoked mozzarella, Crown & Queue 'Devil's Mortar' nduja, The Gay Farmer pesto

March 2, 2021

This brand new special is a collaboration with three small food businesses, each one a master of its craft. It’s been a difficult year for restaurants, but also for the food and drink producers who had all their wholesale orders cancelled overnight.

We’ve all had to adapt to survive the last 12 months and we’re especially happy to see these businesses come out of 2020 swinging.

The Gay Farmer: Mark used to run the floor at our Soho restaurant back in the day and left to work full time on his own olive oil and pesto business, which he started after helping his mum on their small holding in Spain. Mark works with one of the oldest organic family-run olive oil mills a little further south in Andalusia to produce his award-winning organic extra virgin olive oil.

La Latteria: Simona is an Italian making her country’s most famous cheeses in London with British milk. We fry her smoked mozzarella on the flat top until the exterior is lightly scorched and the interior is molten, ready to drape over the beef.

Crown & Queue: Adrienne makes some of the UK’s best charcuterie. We love her British nduja (Devil’s Mortar in her words) because it’s crafted from high-welfare pork and has a warming chilli heat. We’ve used it in several local specials including Honest Chicken’s Waterloo special and in the nduja honey mayo in our Oxford Circus’s collab with Pastaio.

These businesses represent not just the hidden network of suppliers that makes our restaurants tick, they’re also the people behind the relationships that make hospitality such a wonderful industry to work in. This burger is our homage to them.

SUPPORT OUR SUPPLIERS – Honest beef, La Latteria smoked mozzarella, Crown & Queue ‘Devil’s Mortar’ nduja, The Gay Farmer pesto mayo, rocket and pickles

Available until 29 March

Last updated: June 22, 2021

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