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We’re craftspeople. People who think and do. People who take pride in what we make. People who are always striving for better and our mission is to craft more honest experiences to create more honest memories.

Old School Hospitality

Old School Hospitality

Part of our craft is to protect the art of hospitality. If you join us as a waiter, you’ll be given the space to be yourself, creating authentic (and so amazing) customer experiences, not average ones.

Meat & Potatoes

Meat & Potatoes

We make our British beef burgers in our own butchery and our rosemary chips are cut and cooked daily. Most of our ingredients are homemade, because they are the best that way. As a chef at Honest, we hold you to high standards and to taking pride in the food you’re cooking.

Who Cares Wins

Who Cares Wins

Our leaders take accountability for how they show up, their decisions and their learning. They are responsible for their team's happiness and success and are constantly seeking out opportunities to improve the restaurant's performance.

Honest by Nature

It’s in our DNA to coach and develop our people. But we also know that we’re at our best when we give people the space to be authentic and autonomous. Nothing makes us prouder than when our people grow on to do things in life they’ve always wanted to.

More Honest Experiences

Tom & Phil started Honest Burgers cooking burgers from a tent at a family friend's birthday party in a Somerset field. They weren’t trained chefs, they just loved cooking and creating a great feeling around people eating together. And still do. There are now Honest Burgers restaurants across the UK, with many more towns and cities we’d love to open in still.

Tech & Innovation

We’ve built our business on innovating and aiming to be the best at what we do – even if that means doing things the hard way. We use tech platforms to make our people’s work lives better and when we can, we’ll build it ourselves.

Glassdoor Reviews

Here’s what Glassdoor says. It’s a live rating through feedback from current and past employees and how we show up as an employer.

Honestly Diverse Camp

Sadly, we know not everybody in our industry is given the same opportunity, usually because of race, gender, age, sexuality or disability. The Honestly Diverse Camp, run by Honest employees, are working hard to help us change this.

Meat & Potatoes

We are the only burger brand who produce their own burgers (from chopped, rather than minced, beef), who serve fresh chips and who never serve anything frozen. Click below to find out why homemade is best.

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