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Honest at Home Kits

Honest at Home Kits

We’ve had the best time but, for now at least, we’re having to shut up shop for Honest at Home DIY burger kits.

Our Honest at Home team are needed back in their restaurants to serve burgers on plates again, but we’re hoping to bring Honest at Home back sometime soon.


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Best of British

We knew that with great British produce, we could make the best burgers we’d tasted – anywhere. We use British cheese, British veg and British relish. We’re homegrown and homemade – we always have been and we always will be.

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Tom & Phil

We met in Brighton at university. We loved restaurants. We talked about them, worked in them, ate in them, and thought ‘we can do better than them’. So we pooled our savings and bought a marquee, a fryer and a grill. That's where it all began for Honest Burgers.

Our packaging

We're working with Woolcool for our packaging . The wool insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.
Any plastics used are can be recycled.

The icepacks are filled with water so you can either re-use them or pour the water out and recycle the rest.

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